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About Loredana



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Loredana Cristina Fuiorea is a 11 year old girl hit by a terrible disease – ACUTE LYMPHOBLASTIC LEUKEMIA.

The purpose of this blog is to help parents to raise for the girl, from the people of good heart, the sum of Eur 150,000 needed to perform a bone marrow transplant , an operation that saves Loredana live’s.

First admission was made on 19.11.2009, at the “Fundeni bone marrow and liver transplant hospital”. During the treatment with chemotherapy, health complications occurs due to the drug called asparaginase anaphylaxis .

Her only chance to live was internment in Italy.

Since 31.12.2009 Lory was hospitalized in Italy, at San Matteo Hospital – Pavia, together with her mother.
Pre and post transplant treatment is provided according to the form E 112, issued by the House Health Insurance Arges, but the marrow transplant surgery itself cannot be paid by the Ministry of Health of Romania, due to the lack of funds.

As Loredana and her mother is ambulatory hospitalized patient  Foundation A.G.A.L. provided a house with all necessary utilities of 31 December. Monthly expenses (food, transportation, detergents, internet, phone, toys) amounted to approximately 1000-1200 per month.

Lory wants to live together with her sisters Mihaela-Claudia, Daniela and Georgina and with her loving parents.

To save Loredana's life her father establish the Association "TRAIESC DATORITA VOUA" (I'M ALIVE BECAUSE OF YOU), by which firms are able to sponsor because there is the law 571/2003 Article 21, paragraph 4, point P,  HGR 49, 44/2004 rules application. By wich Sponsorship can be made in advance with 20% profit tax and 3 ‰ of the turnover.

Thank you for understanding!

Donations can be made also by bank transfer in the following bank accounts:


B.C.R. - Pitesti

LEI : RO72RNCB0022046835660005

EURO : RO45RNCB0022046835660006

GBP: RO23RNCB0022046835660014

Cod swift / bic : RNCB RO BU


B.R.D. - Pitesti

LEI : RO97BRDE030SV86549080300

EURO : RO85BRDE030SV86549320300

Cod swift / bic : BRDE ROBU



I.N.G. - Pitesti

LEI : RO32INGB0000999901830531

EURO : RO25INGB0000999901832694

Cod swift / bic : INGBROBU

The owner of those bank accounts is the children’s father, Ionut-Cornel Fuiorea : phone. +40 0753 019 470

WARNING: Do not make donations to any person who will request money for Loredana

The only ways to donate are those shown on this site (number of phone and bank accounts)


Comments and suggestions can be made at these two e-mail:



Or contact number: 0753019470

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